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Introducing the next generation of bioenergy - Emerald Energy's MegaFlora Tree ®. The MegaFlora Tree ®:

  • Can be harvested in as little as 2 years
  • Grows on marginal land
  • Uses poor quality water for irrigation, including effluent streams
  • Produces exceptional biomass energy density per acre
  • Re-grows from its own stump, but produces no fruit or fertile seeds, making it non-invasive yet highly productive over a long lifetime
  • Has huge leaves which absorb high levels of carbon dioxide
  • Is ideal for biofuels, bioenergy, reforestation, remediation

Biofuels are a critical part of the solution for a sustainable, renewable energy future. However, many of today's biofuels directly compete with our food sources by using traditional food crops like corn and soybeans, requiring agricultural lands. This can create food shortages and lead to higher food prices. The ideal solution is a biofuel feedstock that is a compliment to - and not a user of - traditional food crops.

Emerald Energy's MegaFlora Tree ® provides exceptional density of biomass per acre for cellulosic biofuel production and other energy uses. To produce the same amount of biofuel, MegaFlora Tree ® requires one quarter of the water compared to corn and one sixth of the land compared to corn. Best of all, the MegaFlora Tree ® can be grown on land which cannot be used for food production, eliminating the debate over food vs. fuel.

Emerald Energy's High-Density, Short-Rotation MegaFlora Tree ® has been evaluated and proven in harsh climatic and soil conditions, using composted municipal waste for fertilizer and highly saline water for irrigation. The tree improves the soil and water quality by "hyper-accumulating" the contaminants, which are later removed in the biofuel production process.

Over a 6-year timeframe, a plantation of MegaFlora Tree's actually returns soil and subsurface water to high quality, while producing significant biomass. The tree can be planted in soil contaminated with salts, heavy metals, and high pH, and irrigated with industrial and municipal waste water, as well as highly saline subsurface water.

The tree thrives in conditions unsuitable for food production, and allows localized production of heat, electricity, and/or biofuels.

FUEL Premiered Monday, July 27th at Tower Theater in Fresno

Thank you for everyone who came out to the Premiere showing of FUEL. For more details about this event and this film, please Download the Press Release (PDF) and View the Official FUEL Website.

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