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Investment in Cambodia

Rich Agriculture Heritage

Cambodia is a country with great potential to become a major food supplier to the world. With the global food shortage crisis expected to persist for the near future, Cambodia's stable economy, stable government, and peaceful environment make it an ideal location for investors looking to tap into the vast opportunities in the agriculture sector.

Opportunities in Cambodia's agriculture Sector

For investors looking to enter Cambodia's agriculture sector, there are ample opportunities to invest in the value chain, from upstream activities such as seed production, fertilizers, and irrigation systems, to downstream activities such as food processing, packaging, and export. Cambodia is strategically located in the ASEAN region, providing access to a large and growing market of over 650 million people.

Promoting Agriculture

Moreover, with 31.15% of the population employed in agriculture, Cambodia has a ready and skilled workforce that is adept at modern farming methods. The country's government has also been proactive in promoting agriculture, with initiatives aimed at improving productivity, supporting smallholder farmers, and creating a more competitive agricultural sector.

Range of Benefits

Investing in Cambodia's agriculture sector offers a range of benefits, including access to a low-cost and skilled workforce, favorable government policies, a stable business environment, and a promising future for agricultural exports. With the world facing a food shortage crisis, Cambodia's potential as a food supplier to the world cannot be overstated.

We invite you to explore the exciting opportunities in Cambodia’s agriculture sector and join us in shaping a better future for food security.

“Investing in Cambodia’s agriculture sector not only offers the potential for profitable returns, but also the opportunity to contribute to global food security and sustainable development.”