Emerald Plantations

Welcome to Emerald Farms, a premier farmland venture located in the picturesque Ratnagiri Province of Cambodia. We are committed to providing our investors with the best opportunities for maximum returns, while also promoting sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

Our farm spans across 10,000 hectares of prime farmland, offering leased land for a 50-year term. Each lot consists of 40 hectares (100 acres) of cleared and leveled land with clear titles and approvals, ideal for commercial plantations or developing Cambodia as a second home.

We take pride in our diverse offerings and state-of-the-art facilities, which enable our investors to reap maximum benefits. Our fertile soils and abundant groundwater make it an ideal location for cultivating a variety of crops, including cashew nuts, mangoes, durian, hardwood, teak, and sandalwood.

At Emerald Farms, we provide complete farming and marketing assistance to ensure that your investment yields the best returns. Our expert-guided plantations, 24/7 security, solar lighting, and well-topped roads provide a conducive environment for your crops to thrive.

We are also committed to promoting sustainable farming practices and reducing our carbon footprint. Our farm is equipped with solar-powered irrigation systems, and we practice organic farming methods to ensure that our products are free from harmful chemicals.

At Emerald Farms, we prioritize the success of our investors and strive to build long-term relationships with them. We have all over world export tie-ups to ensure that your products reach the global market seamlessly.

Emerald farms is a venture of Star5, a leading conglomerate with a diversified portfolio that spans multiple geographies. At Star5, we strive for excellence and are committed to building enduring relationships with our stakeholders. With a strong presence in Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Cambodia, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for economic participation, investment, and cooperation.

Under the visionary leadership of our Chairman, Star5 has renewed its collaborations and partnerships, cutting across the business streams of these nations. Our strategic location has played a pivotal role in our success, enabling us to unearth unimpeachable opportunities for exponential business growth. With a cumulative net worth of an astounding 230 million USD, we offer invaluable services to all those associated with Star5, underpinned by a cumulative professional experience of more than a century that can undeniably be trusted.

Cambodia is a land of opportunities, and we are blessed to have implanted our ideas amidst its promising land. What started as an idea has now materialized into a fully alive, self-sustaining body that wraps within it a million dreams and a million more possibilities. With its quick economic growth and returns, Cambodia showed immense promise, and we are privileged to have taken up the unexplored lands and enlivened them with an opportunity for civilizations to rise and flourish.

Investing in Emerald Farms is a smart decision that promises to yield maximum returns. Our investment opportunity is designed to help you maximize your returns, making it the best investment option available in Cambodia.

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